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Huntington NY Blacktop

The Best Huntington Blacktop for Your Property

Nothing wrecks the charm of a residence like a blacktop driveway in disrepair. Just about every week we receive phone calls from customers whose the driveway was in serious shape, with hazardous conditions for all who walk, ride or drive on it. By February, once the snow is significant, they speculate how they are going to dig out their driveway – and precisely how the broken or cracked blacktop underneath will survive. Do you know somebody in a situation like this?

Blacktop Driveways in Huntington

For years, Reitman Sealcoating, Inc. has helped businesses and residence owners throughout Long Island, including people in Huntington, with their paving requirements. Our team will work on your paving, fixing cracks and fading, taking it back to a like new look and feel. If the harm is too severe, we can rip out and repave the entire area for you.

What Exactly is Blacktop?

Blacktop is definitely the the majority of commonly used materials in driveways. Blacktop is almost all frequently used, and is often wrongly identified as asphalt. Both are quite strong, but blacktop is for house use and asphalt is designed for highways. In fact, most homes will utilize blacktop for their driveways, as it costs much less than concrete or stone pavers. Keeping SUVs, cars and motorcycles in the paved driveway is not a concern. A properly paved blacktop driveway, using high quality blacktop materials, can hold up against all this and more.

We’ve Helped Long Islanders for Over 25 Years

From paved driveway projects to parking lots, installation and restoration, we’ve helped several thousand delighted customers over the last 25 years.

Paving Huntington Driveways

Our clients’ driveways can last for years with minimal repair. Parking lots paved with asphalt hold up well, and proper attention will keep it strong and looking great for years.

Walkways, Stonework and Paths

We are privileged to have remarkably accomplished stone workers as a part of our team, that can provide beautiful pathways, walkways and much more. Whether or not you like pavers, Belgian block, tumbled stone or slate, it is possible to tremendously improve the appearance of one’s property or business property with stonework.

We Can Repair Damaged Blacktop and Asphalt

In paved driveway and parking lot surfaces, almost all damages starts with just a little chip or split. Splits cause bigger harm, and left unrepaired, are going to result in far more openings and breaks as time passes. Climate may be the greatest adversary, with sun light, heat and ice ultimately causing harm. Over time, splits and openings form and grow, leading to damages requiring repair. Prevent the expense of significant fixes by repairing while the issues is minor!

Our Huntington blacktop crew has the experience to repair your blacktop driveway or parking lot, safeguarding your original purchase. Problems only become worse over time and from weather conditions. Don’t delay. Whether it’s a smaller task or large, our team will do the repairs fast.

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Whether or not you’ll need a full build out or just maintenance and maintenance, call us right now. Reitman Sealcoating, Inc. works together with all size clients, and has 1000s of clients throughout Huntington. Grab the phone and call now for a totally free estimate.

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