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East Hills NY Blacktop

Getting the Right Job Done with East Hills Blacktop

You need to keep your property in very good shape, but what will happen once the blacktop driveway starts falling apart? Chips, breaks and even missing sections in driveways might cause injury and problems to property. Just about every winter, snow creates a real situation for these particular home owners, rendering it nearly impossible to snowplow or even dig out their driveway. As unfortunate as this seems, it could be very easily avoided.

East Hills Blacktop Driveways

More than 2,000 businesses and families have trusted us with their blacktop driveway and paving needs. We have fixed 1000s of driveways, repairing them to their original beauty and performance. When necessary, we can remove and rebuild your paved driveway or parking area, giving you a fresh blacktop area..

What is Blacktop?

Whether small or large driveways, blacktop is the most frequently used construction material. Blacktop and asphalt are very closely related. The difference is in just how they are produced and some of the components used. Both are quite strong, but blacktop is perfect for property use and asphalt is designed for highways. In fact, nearly all homes will apply blacktop on their driveways, as it costs much less than concrete or stone pavers. It does not make any difference that you often use your paved driveway, or that the kids wish to play hockey all day. A quality Driveway is meant to take care of this load easily.

We’ve Helped Long Islanders for Over 25 Years

For more than 25 years, our pros have masterfully served thousands of customers and families with driveway and parking lot construction, replacement, restoration and sealcoating.

Paving East Hills Driveways

With proper upkeep, driveways can be used and enjoyed for years and years. Our car parking lots endure especially nicely, as our established process and use of high-quality components provide a great value to each of our clients.

Walkways, Paths and Stonework

Including natural stone pathways for your house or office will add a wonderful appearance. Our professional masons are right here to help you. The stonework, ranging from Belgian block to tumbled pavers, brick work to slate, may give your property, office, school or store a fantastic appearance.

We Can Repair Damaged Blacktop and Asphalt

A good deal issues is weather related, with water and ice causing damage over time. A little break or hole lets rain water in, starting the damage. Splits lead to larger problems, and left unrepaired, are going to lead to far more holes and breaks as time goes by. The weather is among the most main factors in issues, therefore you need to protect your pavement from the elements. You need to prevent major harm, and performing repairs promptly when there are cracks and gaps are important to avert more problems.

Contact us to go over your job. We will give you a reasonable estimate to try and do the repair work you’ll need. See how our seasoned paving workforce can repair your parking lot or blacktop driveway quickly. Be it a small job or large, our team will perform the repairs fast.

Contact Us Today for an Estimate

Call Reitman Sealcoating, Inc. now for all your requirements, including smaller sealcoating jobs to full paved driveway and parking lot installations. With more than 2,000 Long Island (including East Hills) blacktop projects finished around the island, including East Hills, we’ve got the knowledge to assist you. Pick up the phone and call today to get a free estimate..

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