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Blacktop in Roslyn NY

Quality Repaving with Roslyn Blacktop

You want to maintain your home in good shape, however what will happen when the paved driveway begins falling apart? Broken or cracked driveways may have hazardous breaks and gaps, hurting kids and adults both. In the winter months, they can’t plow their driveway, worrying about tearing up chunks of the driveway. As sad as this appears to be, it can be easily averted.

Roslyn Blacktop Driveways

Using Reitman Sealcoating, Inc. for your Roslyn blacktop needs is a great choice. Our company will work on your paving, repairing splits and fading, taking it back to a like completely new look. When needed, we can remove and replace your entire parking area or paved driveway with a brand new paving job.

How is Blacktop Different from Asphalt?

You frequently see blacktop material in driveways across the nation. Some customers ask about the main difference between blacktop and asphalt. The distinction is with the formulation of the paving components. Blacktop is commonly found in driveways, whereas asphalt is used in highways. In fact, almost all houses will utilize blacktop for their driveways, as it costs much less than cement or stone pavers. You should not be worried about “over using” your blacktop driveway. A professionally installed Driveway will take it all and more.

We Have Over 25 Years Experience on Roslyn!

We’ve got more than a quarter century of work under our belts, serving several thousand businesses and residence owners with their paving projects.

Blacktop Driveways in Roslyn

Blacktop driveways can last for years, and will continue to look really good with sealcoating each and every 2 years. Parking lots paved with asphalt will hold up nicely, and proper care will help keep it strong and looking great for many years.

Walkways, Paths and Stonework

Before paving, quite a few clients elect to include other stonework, improving the look of their home or properties. Adding stonework in the paving project is an option many customers select, tremendously improving the appearance of their job.

We Can Repair Damaged Blacktop and Asphalt

Almost all damage is climate related, with water and frost leading to issues as time passes. A minor fracture or hole lets water inside, setting up the harm. After a while, they increase. As time goes by, your pavement is going to face Roslyn climate changes, from high temperature to freezing, rain, snow, ice and hail. All these could weaken and issues any pavement as time passes. You want to steer clear of major damages, and performing repairs promptly when there are breaks and holes are very important to prevent additional damages.

Contact us to discuss your job. We can provide a good estimate to do the repair work you require. Damage only deteriorate over time and from weather conditions. Do not wait. Our reputation is built on top quality, and when we begin a restoration project, we give it our maximum attention.

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Contact us now and find out how our knowledgeable staff can deal with your Roslyn blacktop job. With more than two thousand Long Island (including Roslyn) blacktop projects completed around the island, including Roslyn, we have the experience that will help you. Pick up the phone and call today for a totally free estimate.

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