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Blacktop in Smithtown NY

Quality Repaving with Smithtown Blacktop

You need to maintain your house in very good shape, yet what will happen if the driveway begins deteriorating? Every week we get telephone calls from people in which the paved driveway is in serious disrepair, with dangerous conditions to any or all who walk, ride or drive on it. In the wintertime, they can’t snow plow their blacktop driveway, worrying about ripping up chunks of the driveway. Maybe you have suffered any of these (or any other) problems?

Smithtown Blacktop Driveways

We’ve served families and businesses like yours for over a quarter century, We have served thousands of clients including those all over Smithtown. We can easily fix your broken paved driveway and bring it back to its initial toughness and design. When necessary, we can remove and rebuild your blacktop driveway or parking area, giving you a fresh blacktop area.

What is Blacktop?

Whether or not large or small driveways, blacktop will be the a good deal commonly used building material. Many customers ask about the real difference between blacktop and asphalt. The difference is with the formulation of the paving materials. Generally speaking, blacktop is commonly used by property owners for their driveways, whereas asphalt is commonly used in streets. While cement and rock driveways are really costly, blacktop is much more affordable. It’s best not to concern yourself with “over using” your driveway. A well paved blacktop driveway, using superior blacktop material, can endure this and a lot more.

We Have Over 51 years Experience on Smithtown!

For over a quarter century, our seasoned builders have helped thousands of house owners and companies with driveway and parking lot projects.

Paving Smithtown Driveways

Once installed, a little preventive repair can keep driveways looking great for years. Our auto parking lots hold up especially well, as our proven process and use of the best quality components deliver an exceptional value to all of our customers.

Walkways, Paths and Stonework

We are lucky to have remarkably accomplished stone workers as part of our team, who can create beautiful paths, walkways and a lot more. Including stonework during the paving process can be an option a lot of clients choose, drastically enhancing the look of these project.

Blacktop driveway Repairs in Smithtown

Although your paving could have been fantastic in the beginning, over time you could have soil moving under the paving, ultimately causing small breaks or openings. Over weeks, months and years, the holes and cracks continue to grow. Weather is the largest enemy, with sunshine, heat and ice resulting in harm. Over time, breaks and gaps form and get bigger, ultimately causing deterioration demanding restoration. Avoid the expense of significant repairs by repairing any time the deterioration is small!

Our Smithtown blacktop crew has got the experience to repair your driveway or parking lot, preserving your original investment. Find out how our skilled paving team can repair your parking lot or driveway quickly. Be it a small job or large, our team is going to do the repairs fast.

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Regardless of whether you want a complete build out or simply maintenance and care, give us a call now. Reitman Sealcoating, Inc. works together with all size clients, and has 1000s of customers throughout Smithtown. Call us now to get a free estimate for your paving project.

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