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Winter is Coming – And So Is The Damage!

Even in a mild winter without much snow, freezing temperatures can cause tremendous damage to your driveway:

  • Frost heaves can lift and crack your driveway,
  • Snow or rain can enter cracks,
  • When the ice freezes between cracks, it expands, causing more damage,
  • Imperfections can be sources of ice patches, causing injuries,
  • Breaks in the driveway can be caught in snow plows and snow blowers, causing even more harm!

A simple seal coating – done by hand – is what you need.

This easy, one-day process, protects your investment from Winter’s damage.  Best of all, seal coatings generally carry you through two seasons.

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Whether you just want seal coating, minor repairs, major repairs or a completely new driveway, call us NOW.  Winter is approaching fast, and you need to do your repairs before winter arrives!

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