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Huntington NY Blacktop

Improve Your House with Huntington Blacktop

You want to keep your property in good shape, yet what will happen once the driveway begins falling apart? Just about every week we receive enquiries from customers whose the blacktop driveway was in serious disrepair, with unsafe conditions for all who walk, ride or drive upon it. When snowfall happens, they struggle clearing their drive ways because of pre-existing deterioration. All along, people speculate precisely how much brand new harm they’re going to experience. Do you know someone in a situation similar to this?

Huntington Blacktop Driveways

For years, Reitman Sealcoating, Inc. has served businesses and home owners throughout Long Island, including people in Huntington, with their paving needs. We can easily repair your damaged driveway and bring it back to its initial durability and design. We will also do complete tear outs of current driveways and car parking lots, giving you a completely pavement..

Blacktop vs. Paving

Blacktop is definitely the nearly all frequently used materials in driveways. Many customers ask about the difference between blacktop and asphalt. The big difference is in the mixture of the paving components. In general, blacktop is used by home owners in their driveways, whereas asphalt is commonly used in roads. In fact, a good deal houses will utilize blacktop for their driveways, because it costs far less than cement or stone pavers. Don’t worry if your kids will play in the paved driveway all day long. A top quality Blacktop driveway is built to tackle this weight very easily.

We’ve Helped Long Islanders for Over 25 Years

We’ve got more than a quarter century of projects under our belts, assisting several thousand businesses and property owners with their paving projects.

Blacktop Driveways in Huntington

With proper repair, driveways can be used and enjoyed for years and years. Parking lots paved with asphalt hold up very well, and proper care can keep it strong and looking great for years.

Stonework, Walkways and Paths

We are lucky to have extremely talented masons included in our team, who are able to create wonderful paths, walkways and more. Adding stonework during the paving process is an alternative a lot of customers choose, tremendously enhancing the look of their project.

We Can Repair Damaged Blacktop and Asphalt

A small split or hole in a paved area can lead to greater damages. Splits lead to larger harm, and left unrepaired, will result in more openings and splits as time passes. Climate is the biggest enemy, with sunshine, heating and ice resulting in damage. As time goes by, cracks and openings form and grow, ultimately causing problems demanding restoration. For this reason, you must do maintenance immediately – before the deterioration expands.

We now have more than 25 years of expertise, and can tackle virtually any restoration job. Damages simply get worse as time passes and from weather conditions. Do not delay. From small patches to big repairs (and when needed, complete rip-outs and repaving), our company will complete the job rapidly, correctly and skillfully.

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Whether you need a full build out or simply maintenance and care, call us right now. With over 2000 Long Island (including Huntington) blacktop projects finished throughout the island, including Huntington, we’ve got the experience to help you. Call now to get a free quote!.

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