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Northport NY Blacktop

Quality Repaving with Northport Blacktop

Almost nothing ruins the curb appeal of a house like a paved driveway in disrepair. We frequently hear from customers that friends stumbled on the blacktop and children cannot play in the blacktop driveway. Just about every winter, snowfall makes a tremendous problem for these particular home owners, rendering it almost impossible to snow plow or even dig out their paved driveway. Perhaps you have experienced any of these (or other) pains?

Northport Blacktop Driveways

Using Reitman Sealcoating, Inc. for your Northport blacktop needs is a great decision. Over the years, we’ve helped with large and small repairs, returning driveways and parking lots. When needed, we can remove and replace your entire parking area or driveway with a brand new paving job.

Blacktop vs. Paving

Driveways across the Island use blacktop as paving material. Some customers ask about the main difference between blacktop and asphalt. The difference is in the formula of the paving components. Both are quite strong, but blacktop is for property use and asphalt is actually for roads. While cement and rock driveways can be extremely costly, blacktop is much more affordable. Don’t worry if the kids will play in the paved driveway all day long. A well paved blacktop driveway, using superior blacktop materials, can certainly withstand all this and more.

For 25 Years We’ve Helped Property Owners and Businesses on Northport

For more than twenty-five years, our pros have expertly served thousands of customers and families with paved driveway and parking area construction, replacement, repair and sealcoating.

Blacktop Driveways in Northport

Blacktop driveways may last for years, and will continue to look great with sealcoating each and every two years. Our car parking lots hold up especially well, as our tested method and use of the best quality components deliver an exceptional value to our clients.

Stonework, Paths and Walkways

Adding stone pathways to your residence or building can certainly add a great look. Our expert masons are right here to help. Including stonework during the paving project is surely an alternative a lot of customers pick, drastically improving the look of these project.

Driveway Repairs in Northport

A small crack or pit in a paved area can cause greater damage. Over weeks, months and years, the holes and cracks continue to grow. As the weather beat down on your blacktop area, and trucks and cars will continue to drive over it, openings and cracks expand, until it gets a damaged and unsafe location. Stay clear of the expense of significant maintenance by repairing when the deterioration is minor!

Contact us to talk about your job. We can provide a fair quote to complete the repair work you may need. Damages simply get worse over time and from varying weather conditions. Don’t wait. From small patches to large repairs (and if required, complete rip-outs and repaving), our company will finish the job rapidly, efficiently and professionally.

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Give us a call today and see how our knowledgeable crew can help with your Northport blacktop job. With more than 2000 Long Island (including Northport) blacktop work accomplished around the island, including Northport, we’ve the knowledge to assist you. Call now to get a free quote!

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