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Jericho NY Blacktop

Quality Repaving with Jericho Blacktop

A well used and damaged blacktop driveway spoils the look of peoples’ homes. Our clients often phone, worrying their driveway is unusable by kids and friends, and it is creating really serious concerns. Come February, as soon as the snow is substantial, they wonder just how they will dig out their blacktop driveway – and exactly how the broken or cracked blacktop underneath will survive. Do you already know anyone in a predicament like this?

Blacktop Driveways in Jericho

We have assisted people and businesses like your own for upwards of a quarter century, We’ve served thousands of clients including those all over Jericho. We are able to restore your broken driveway and bring it back to its original strength and design. We put in new driveways following a total rip-out of your pre-existing paved driveway.

Precisely how is Blacktop Different from Asphalt?

You commonly see blacktop materials in driveways across the nation. Many customers ask about the main difference between blacktop and asphalt. The distinction is with the formulation of the paving material. They are both very strong, but blacktop is for residence use and asphalt is made for roadways. While cement driveways are a choice, the price is higher and the majority of prefer the appearance and cost of blacktop. It does not make a difference that you often make use of your blacktop driveway, or that your little ones want to play basketball all day long. A quality Paved driveway is made to manage this weight easily.

Reitman Sealcoating, Inc. has Help Jericho Home Owners and Businesses for 25 Years

We’ve more than a quarter century of work under our belts, serving thousands of businesses and home owners with their paving projects.

Blacktop Driveways in Jericho

With proper maintenance, driveways can be used and enjoyed for years and years. Parking lots paved with asphalt will hold up well, and proper attention can keep it solid and looking great for many years.

Paths, Walkways and Stonework

Our talented professional masons can add the stonework you want to complete the project. Stonework, like Belgian block, slate, pavers, stones among others, enhance the appearance and value of your house.

We Can Repair Damaged Blacktop and Asphalt

Although your paving could have been perfect in the beginning, as time goes by you can have ground shifting underneath the paving, leading to small splits or openings. Cracks bring about larger damage, and left unrepaired, will cause more openings and breaks as time goes by. Climate is the biggest adversary, with sun light, warmth and ice resulting in harm. As time goes by, breaks and openings form and get bigger, ultimately causing issues demanding repair. You ought to avoid major damage, and doing repairs promptly when there are breaks and openings are important to steer clear of a lot more deterioration.

We have more than 25 years of experience, and will tackle virtually any repair job. Call us to fix the issues before it becomes much worse. Whether it is a small job or large, our company is going to do the repairs fast.

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Whether or not you want a total build out or simply repairs and routine maintenance, give us a call right now. Reitman Sealcoating, Inc. works together with all size clients, and has thousands of clients all through Jericho. Call now to get a free quote!

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